Delivering truth is good business.

Strategy for Impact was founded in 2014 when the trust between people and organizations began to falter. Today corporate transparency,  inclusiveness and social responsibility are required by a generation of new consumers and form the foundation for all of our campaigns and communications strategies. We create a deeper narrative between you and your audience, spark real conversations and drive impact. Because truth is good business.

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Brands win when they come from a place of service. 

Jessica Payne is an award-winning communications strategist with a background in business and digital expertise. Her mantra is “speak your truth to power,” and her mission is to leverage personal storytelling and human connection to effect change in the world.  Jessica’s nearly 20 years in communications, social impact, and cause marketing combine international experience with a laid-back California style, which helps put her clients at ease and allows collaboration to flourish.
As a successful businesswoman, Jessica understands the challenges faced by both large organizations and lean teams when it comes to commanding attention and driving action in a competitive marketplace. Through her Strategy For Impact team, she creates conversations of substance with a purpose.
Today, people aspire to be agents of change through the brands and organizations they support – Jessica helps her clients (including Fortune 500, nonprofits, and individuals) successfully engage stakeholders through innovative digital communications strategies and time-tested best practices.
Jessica is dedicated to creating visibility and inclusivity, especially for womxn, young people, and the queer community. This includes teaching and public speaking.
Powerful storytelling will change the world. 

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Delivering truth is good business.

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